Big Bass Bonanza play online for money and demo

Big bass bonanza is a slot machine from the Bonanza series, developed by the famous provider Reel Kingdom. The slot is created in the spirit of the classic Bass Bonanza slots, uses familiar mechanics, has 5 reels and 10 paylines. The RTP is 96.71%, while the volatility of the gambling game is high. Despite the fact that the slot does not have a bonus game, the developers have provided a number of bonus mechanics, such as Wild symbols, Scatter symbols and, of course, a multiplier. 

Play Big Bass Bonanza possible in automatic mode and in “Quick spin” mode. 

Our review contains not only all the necessary information for playing the Big Bass Bonanza slot machine, but also a demo version of the game, thanks to which you can try your hand at a free slot game completely free of charge, but also better understand the mechanics of Bonanza.

We recommend playing Big Bass Bonanza in online casinos:

Play Big bass bonanza demo for free

Not sure where to start? Try the free demo version of Big Bass Bonanza and enjoy the exciting gameplay without the risk of losing real money.

Before you start playing for real money in the Big Bass Bonanza slot, we recommend trying the demo version of the game. To do this, just click the “play for free” button and explore all the possibilities of this entertaining slot machine. Playing Bass Banza for free is not only a way to understand all the mechanics of the game, but also to understand the principle of operation of all the bonus functions of the game, and if you have any questions, the answers to them can always be found on our website or in the comments of other players. In any case, don't waste time and start your winning streak with a free game of Big Bass Bonanza.

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Key Features of Big Bass Bonanza

Year of issue2019
DeveloperPragmatic Play
Number of reels5
Number of lines3
Number of paylines10
Minimum bid0.10 EUR
Maximum bet250 EUR
Bonus roundsYes
Maximum win2,100x
PeculiaritiesFree spins, Wild symbols, Money symbols, Multiplier feature

Game design big bass bonanza

Big Bass Bonanza's design immerses the player in a fishing atmosphere: colorful fish, peaceful lakes and exciting bonus rounds. 

The design of the Big Bass Bonanza slot is a real visual immersion into the world of fishing, where every element recreates the atmosphere of an exciting adventure on the lake.

Let's start with a background image that depicts a picturesque lake landscape: calm waters, green meadows and nearby the reflection of flying birds. This creates a feeling of privacy and tranquility that goes well with the excitement of the gameplay.

Moving on to the reels, we see colorful symbols that clearly showcase the fishing theme. A fisherman with a catch, colorful fish, fishing rods and hooks - each symbol is made with high quality and attention to detail. Animated details, such as the sparkle of light on the water and the movement of fish, add realism to the game.


The soundtrack of Big Bass Bonanza complements the visual experience. The sounds of nature, splashes of water and melodies accompanying winnings create the atmosphere of a fishing morning. Bonus rounds activate exciting sound effects, emphasizing the importance of every win.

The design of the bonus features is especially worth highlighting. When the Scatter is activated and the free spins begin, the background slows down and a huge snapper comes to the fore, ready to explode your winnings. This dynamic effect gives the game an extra adrenaline rush.

Overall, Big Bass Bonanza's design is the perfect combination of colorful images, realistic animations, and supportive sound effects. It not only creates a pleasing visual experience, but also fully engages the player in the exciting world of fishing, making every spin an exciting adventure.

How to play Big bass bonanza

Playing Big Bass Bonanza is easy - just set your bet, choose the number of lines, and spin the reels. 

Bonus symbols and multipliers will make your fishing even more fun.

Slot management is simple:

  • Select the desired bet from 0.1 to 250 euros;
  • Start a spin (press spacebar if you're playing on a PC) or autoplay;
  • Receive a prize if you get a winning combination.

The interface is familiar and practically no different from other Reel Kingdom slots. At the bottom there are buttons for selecting a bet, starting spins and autoplay. On the bottom left you will find the main menu with the payout table, as well as a volume control button.

It is enough to play the slot machine once to perfectly master the management of this slot at a professional level and hit the jackpot. 

The main task is to collect 3 identical symbols on one of the lines, starting from the leftmost reel and winning in your pocket

And since the return percentage is 96.71%, the volatility is high - the maximum win for one single spin can bring a multiplier of x2100 of the bet amount per spin.

Of course, this is not the maximum multiplier that can be found in the Bass Bonanza series, however, in our opinion, sometimes an overabundance of bonus functions can be more of a minus than a plus for gambling. 

Symbols and payout table Big Bass

Symbols vary in appearance and value.

Cheapest symbols – 10, J, Q, K, A

The most expensive symbols are symbols related to fishing, such as:

  • fish
  • tackle
  • dragonfly
  • fishing rod
  • float.

Fisherman – Wild symbol, it will appear only instead of free spins and will replace any image except the scatter

Here is a table of symbol costs especially for your convenience:


The slot uses a 5x3 playing field with 10 lines.

Bonuses in the slot Bass bonanza

Although there is no bonus game as such in the slot, the Big Bass Bonanza game provides various bonuses. Here it is worth mentioning right away that we do not consider a round with 10 or more free spins to be a bonus game, since this is not actually a bonus game, which is implied in the gambling market in online casinos.

Big Bass Bonanza brings exciting bonuses to the world of gambling that make the game even more exciting and provide additional opportunities for big wins.


Wild – indicated by the fisherman symbol, which replaces all other symbols except the Scatter.

In each spin, the Money symbol (a green fish with a value symbol) takes on a certain monetary value. Pisces also act as money symbols, but for this they must be part of a winning combination


The Scatter symbol in the form of a fish on a hook is the key element that opens access to free spins. When three or more Scatters appear on the reels, an exciting round of free spins begins. For each additional Scatter, the player receives additional free spins, increasing their chances of winning.

  • 3 Scatter symbols: 10 free spins
  • 4 Scatter symbols: 15 free spins
  • 5 Scatter symbols: 20 free spins

In the free spins round, the wilds take on the sum of the values of the money symbols on the screen.

Players collect all wilds at the end of the round.

Every fourth wild collected by a player restarts the free spins, but the round can be restarted no more than three times.

Big payouts big bass bonanza

The volatility of the slot is high. This means that the risk of the game is slightly increased, but at the same time the maximum win is higher than in similar slots.

Return percentage (RTP) is high and amounts to 96.71%
In slots from Reel Kingdom you can find a higher RTP, but the specified return percentage is compensated by high volatility, as well as many bonuses available to the player.

The maximum win is as much as €525,000, which is equivalent to 33,318,810 rubles.

Agree, not every player can boast of such a big catch!

In addition, the opportunity to receive free spins increases the likelihood of hitting the jackpot with a minimum bet.

As follows from the analytics from The maximum win on average comes in 101-200 rounds, and is x41 of the bet + x49 in a round with free spins, so it’s worth starting with small bets, gradually increasing their size, so that by the time you win you have the opportunity to win back all the money you bet.

Winning strategy

When playing Big Bass Bonanza and considering the bonuses, remember that strategy plays an important role. Use bonus spins and multipliers wisely, manage your bets and enjoy every moment of an exciting fishing adventure.

If we turn to the issue of winning strategies and consider it in more detail, we can give the following recommendations:

  • Learn the rules of the game: Before you start playing for money, it is important to fully understand the rules of Big Bass Bonanza. That is why, on our website, the rules of the game, a table of symbol values, as well as other important information for a successful game are discussed in detail.
  • Manage your budget: In Big Bass Bonanza, as in life, it is important to be able to manage your budget. Split your bankroll over several gaming sessions and do not exceed the established betting limits. This will help you play longer and increase your winnings.
  • Use Demo Mode: Many online casinos offer a demo mode where you can play Big Bass Bonanza for free without the risk of losing real money. Use this opportunity to get to know the game, try out different strategies and develop your own tactics. Experiment and learn which bets and combinations bring the biggest winnings.
  • Focus on Bonus Rounds: Big Bass Bonanza offers interesting bonus rounds that can bring you big wins. One of the key points in these rounds is the activation of free spins. Try to collect fish symbols on the playing field to be able to enter the bonus round. It will give you a better chance of receiving large payouts.
  • Consider the volatility of the game: Big Bass Bonanza has its own volatility, which determines the frequency and size of winnings. If a game has high volatility, this means that wins will be rarer, but can still be significant. In low volatility, winnings will be more frequent, but smaller in size. Take this factor into account when choosing your gaming strategy. If you are looking for big wins, then choose games with high volatility.

To some, these tips may seem rather banal and simple, but they should not be underestimated. They were formulated based on the experience of many players, among whom were those who caught a big drift in the Big Bass Bonanza and received a maximum x2100 multiplier from the bet! 

In any case, we recommend trying to follow these tips for playing Big Bass Bonanza and then decide whether to believe them or try to find your own strategy for playing Big Bass Bonanza. 

Tactics for playing Big bass bonanza

In addition to the basic strategies for playing bass banana slot, there are also tactics for successful play. We formulated it by studying numerous sources, such as And, as well as numerous player reviews and thousands of minutes of streams before sharing them with you.

  • Try to increase the number of free spins: In Big Bass Bonanza, the main element is the fish symbol. These are responsible for activating the free spins, so try to place bets on all available paylines to increase your chances of collecting fish symbols and getting more free spins.
  • Play with your maximum bet: Increasing your bet on each spin can lead to bigger wins, especially when bonus rounds are activated. Therefore, if your bankroll allows, play with the maximum bet to maximize your potential winnings.
  • Try different betting strategies: In Big Bass Bonanza, you can customize your bets based on your preferences and gaming strategy. Some players prefer to bet moderately on all paylines, while others prefer to bet more aggressively on some specific lines. Test different options and find the tactic that works best for you.
  • Be patient and manage your emotions: As with any game of chance, it is important to remain patient and manage your emotions. If you experience setbacks or losses, do not try to recover by betting big or taking risks. Remember that games of chance are based on chance and it is important to use common sense and play responsibly.

Play big bass bonanza on mobile 

Big Bass Bonanza is available on mobile devices running Android and iOS, which allows you to play your favorite Big Bass Bananza slot from any device, including mobile phones. If only there was access to the Internet.

A number of online casinos are only available in browser-based versions, which can be added to bookmarks or quick access so that playing big bass bonanza on mobile is just one click away, but some casinos, such as 1vin, offer bonanza playing using a mobile application for androind (you can download it from the link) 

Thus, Big bass bonanza is available on mobile and tablets; you just need to register in an online casino or download the corresponding application.


Big Bass Bonanza is an addictive game that requires strategy and tactics to succeed. Get to know the rules of the game, manage your budget, use the demo mode to experiment, focus on the bonus rounds and consider the volatility of the game before playing for real money!

But if you are confident in your abilities or you can’t wait to win a huge jackpot, it’s time to start the game!

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The best casinos to play Big Bass Bonanza slot for real money

Today on the online casino market there are a huge number of offers “where to play big bass bonanza”, captivating with their bonuses, but you should only play in proven and licensed casinos, such as:

The listed casinos have high ratings on independent sites, and they are also winners of numerous iGaming awards, which only adds confidence when choosing a place to play Big Bass Bonanza for real money.

Choose carefully and read reviews, and the list of verified casinos is always posted on our website.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  1. What is Big Bass Banana?

Big Bass Bonanza is an exciting fishing-themed slot developed by Pragmatic Play. It has 5x3 reels with 10 paylines and offers exciting gameplay with the potential for big wins.

2. Where can I play Big Bass Bonanza?

You can play Big Bass Bonanza at a wide range of online casinos, including RamenBet. This reputable casino offers a safe and secure platform to play and earn generous bonuses.

3. What are the main features of Big Bass Bonanza?

Big Bass Bonanza is filled with exciting features that enhance your gaming experience and increase your chances of winning. These include:

  • Free spins: Landing three or more Scatter symbols will trigger the Free Spins round, where you can collect Wilds for additional rewards.
  • Wild symbols: Wild symbols replace any other symbol (except Scatter) to help you form winning combinations.
  • Currency symbols: Money symbols randomly appear on the reels and reveal hidden cash values that are added to your total winnings.
  • Multiplier function: During the free spins round, the fish collects wild symbols and increases the multiplier for subsequent free spins.

4. What is the RTP of Big Bass Bonanza?

The RTP (Return to Player) of Big Bass Bonanza is 96.71%, which is slightly above the average for online slots. This means that the game has a fair payout rate over time.

5. What is the maximum winnings at Big Bass Bonanza?

The maximum win in Big Bass Bonanza is 2100x your initial bet. This means that with a little luck you can walk away with a significant payout.

6. Is Big Bass Bonanza a volatile slot?

Big Bass Bonanza has medium volatility, which means wins may not happen often, but when they do, they tend to be larger payouts. This makes the game suitable for players who enjoy the thrill of potentially big wins.

7. Can I play Big Bass Bonanza on my mobile device?

Yes, Big Bass Bonanza is fully optimized for mobile devices, allowing you to enjoy fishing on your smartphone or tablet.

8. Is Big Bass Bonanza a fair game?

Big Bass Bonanza is licensed by reputable gaming authorities to ensure it is fair and safe. The game's Random Number Generator (RNG) is regularly tested and verified to ensure fair play.

9. Any tips for playing Big Bass Bonanza?

  • Set a budget and stick to it: Determine how much you are willing to spend and play responsibly within your means.
  • Choose your bet level wisely: Adjust your bet level according to your bankroll and risk tolerance.
  • Make effective use of free spins: Take advantage of the Free Spins round by collecting Wilds and increasing your multiplier.
  • Enjoy the gameplay and have fun: Remember that gambling should be an enjoyable experience. Focus on the fun and excitement of the game, not just winning.

10. Where can I find more information about Big Bass Bonanza?

You can find more information about Big Bass Bonanza on the Pragmatic Play website or reputable online casino review sites. Additionally, you can check the game's paytable within the game itself for detailed information about the rules, symbols, and payouts.

Reviews from real players about the Big Bass Bonanza slot:

Below you can read player reviews about the big bass bonanza slot, and also leave your own review:

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